Facebook annoyances

Nothing pisses me off more often or as quicly as STUPID PEOPLE!!   they have this thing on facebook called obama…thumbs up or down….and its feckin stupid man.  first off, most of the thumbs down are coming from southeren rednecks that can’t even afford to have a computer and are posting from public libraris, and they are only voting thumbs down because they are racists.  2nd of all the man has not been in office a year and he has tried to do more good than bush did in 8 years….give the man a break…shit running a county isnt as simple as running bubba jebbs gas station and bait shop…..so i guess what i am really sayin is he won, deal with it and stfu and let the man try to make change.  

also, why do these poll people insist on posting their results?  i dont wanna know what gay french movie star they are most like, what their fav miley ray cyrus song is, what std they just got cured of ect ect…..are your lives so pathetic you have to post this crap?

anyway i am rambling, just did a bowl of purple kush in my hooka and i have rather a nice buzz going,  off to fight in mafia wars and chill to xm’s 20 on 20 until next time…..peace



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