how history repeats itself

morning ya’ll

ever notice how history repeats itself?  for example… mom emma was born in 1926,  before her birth, her father was ran off by her uncles and grandfater because he was mean to my granny (not very many details so i assume he beat on her)  so moms dad gets ran out of town on a rail and mom spends the rest of her life trying to find him, find out who he was ect ect

zoom forward to today, my neice who just had a baby (named emma of all things) was severly beaten by her bf/baby daddy and even though he was a good friend of mine, i did what needed to be done to get my neice and the baby out of harms way.  I told jason that i loved him like the lil brother i never had, and even forgave him the first time he hit her……but warning him that he had never EVER lay a hand on her again, i would have no choice but to whip his ass……so here i am, repeating history – another sorry specimen of humanity being ran out of town on a rail, another friend lost, and another innocent baby left to wonder who her daddy is.



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